Day 6: Epiphany

Day 6 Epiphany

Today’s picture is inspired by it being Epiphany and packing away our Christmas decorations.  This is my favourite new decoration of this year: the Three Wise Men and a Star, Russian dolls set, made by Alburt from Hole in My Pocket (who happens to be a friend of my husband, an architect and a very talented, creative chap).  Taking the picture was a challenge as the light isn’t good indoors (or at all today), and I only have an old manual flash that belongs with my OM1o, and no flash for my Pen.  I also realised too late that Caspar should have been facing a bit more into the middle.  It means it isn’t a perfect photo, but it’s the best I was going to get today!

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Manual. Aperture: f/22; Shutter: 1/30; ISO 200. Muffled flash and levels tinkered with in iPhoto.


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