Day 7: Pumpkin Soup

Day 7 Pumpkin Soup

I will get out and about with my camera again soon, but in the meantime I thought the pumpkin soup I made for lunch today would make an interesting first foray into a bit of food photography.  I’m still having problems getting the lighting quite right – the light source for this picture was coming from above, to the right, so the right hand side of the picture is a bit more exposed than the other.  Ideally I’d have nice even light from both sides…  But other than this, I’m quite pleased with this one.  For anyone interested I used a Nigel Slater squash soup recipe from his Dish of the Day programme.  Only, you’ll notice, I didn’t bother with the crisps.  It’s a very tasty recipe though.  Yum!

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Aperture Priority. Aperture: f/5; Shutter: 1/6; ISO 400. Overhead lighting.


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