Day 8: A Posing Peregrine

Day 8 Peregrine

It was another grey, dull day and I’m getting a bit of a cold, so I had a bit of fun indoors today with a couple of RSPB birds I have (the other is a Red Grouse, who may feature on another day…).  My cheeky take on Wildlife Photography!  The Peregrine is a bit of a poser, and likes sitting up on a high spot, getting a good vantage point of the room below him…

I set up the table in our spare room as much like a studio as possible, with an angle poise lamp posed for the light source, my camera on my Yashica ST7 table-top tripod, manual settings (including manual focus) and a cable release.  I sharpened the image a little bit in iPhoto, but using manual focus got a crisper image with this set-up than the auto focus.  You’ll be started to notice a common theme by now – I do love a narrow depth of field!

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Manual. Aperture: f/4.2; Shutter: 1/2; ISO 200.  Manual focus, tripod, cable release.


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