Day 19: A Little Light Reading

Day 19: A Little Light Reading

It was too cold to go back out again today, so I thought I would play around with lighting and tripods indoors again today, setting up an improvised studio with an angle poise lamp.  This is part of a growing collection of photography books I have.  My favourite is probably the Magnum Contact Sheets book at the bottom, a present from my husband.  It’s fascinating seeing the photographs that didn’t ‘make it’ alongside the iconic image that did.

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Aperture Priority. Aperture: f/4.4; Shutter: 1/2; ISO 200.  Manual focus, Yashica ST-7 tripod, cable release.


7 thoughts on “Day 19: A Little Light Reading

  1. Love how evenly crisp you’ve managed to get all the lettering on the book spines, with their contrasting colours and type sets. And the way that the book spines have become simple banners of colour, not like parts of books at all. Very designy – would make a good poster!

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  3. I love photos of books and book spines. They’re slightly voyeuristic and always informative. This one is excellent!

    • Thank you! I agree photos of book spines are wonderful. we have tonnes of books in our flat, so maybe I should take more of these shots!! ;o). Took me ages to get a final picture I was pleased with here though!

      • I’ve been trying to take pictures of arrangements of my favorite books, but they are definitely difficult shots. Good luck– may it get easier with practice! 🙂

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