Day 120: Starflyer, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Day 120

Today’s picture is a direct consequence of a picture a friend* posted on Facebook for me as inspiration.  This is my attempt at her photo.  I didn’t mean to take one that’s practically the same, but this was the one that came out best!  The Starflyer in Piccadilly Gardens is not my cup of tea (being a wuss), but I do know people who have been on it, and one who would probably like to.  Craziness if you ask me.

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1.  Setting: Aperture Priority.  Aperture: f4.1; Shutter: 1/1250; ISO: 100.

*My friend is a cracking photographer, check out her Flickr feed.  If anyone else wants to give me ideas and inspiration, please do!!


2 thoughts on “Day 120: Starflyer, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

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