Day 243: Cutting the Power

We were woken up just before 8 this morning by the sounds of a pneumatic drill, which is rather antisocial for a Saturday morning.  This gave way to other workmen sounds, but did predominate.  This was annoying enough, but around 10am the power went off.  Apparently they’d sent a letter about it (they hadn’t) and it would only last ‘half an hour, an hour’.  This photo was taken at 11:52 when they realised they needed a bigger digger.  The power came back on about 3 hours after it went off, which wouldn’t have been such a big problem if we didn’t have guests this weekend!

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Aperture Priority. Aperture: f4.4; Shutter: 1/640; ISO: 100.


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