Day 284: Silos, Unilever, Warrington

Day 284

Sometimes I wonder if people think of me as an odd train spotter when I have my camera out on a station platform.  Odd because I don’t tend to take pictures of trains (and possibly because I’m a woman and am no wearing an anorak… heh heh heh…).  To get this shot I had to go right to the end of the platform where the train spotters hang out (there were two there tonight, both male, but no anoraks).  I have no problem with their hobby, we all do thing that other people think are weird.  I’m not sure what they thought of me though, photographing part of an industrial factory!

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Aperture Priority. Aperture: f5.4; Shutter: 1/500; ISO: 100.  Desaturated in iPhoto.


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