Day 286: Picture Box, Sarah Malone, GNCCF

Day 286

This weekend the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair was on in Spinningfields.  We’ve been every year since we moved to Manchester and it never disappoints.  At £7 each the entry fee is a bit much (‘middle class mugging’ is what my husband called it) especially as I suspect they charge the crafts people for their stands and they take a cut of the credit card sales, for facilitating it I suppose.  But the quality of the work is on the whole excellent and we never go away empty handed.  One of our favourite makers is Sarah Malone, a ceramicist who makes pieces inspired by Japan (bottles, sake cups, Buddhas etc).  We have several of her pieces (although not one of her picture boxes, yet) and it’s always exciting to see her there and see what she has on her stand – we always find something that we like!

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1.  Setting: Aperture Priority.  Aperture: f4.3; Shutter: 1/200; ISO: 800.  Cropped in iPhoto.


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