Day 304: Penicillin (or why I love the NHS)

Day 304

I’ve had a horrid cold all week and yesterday I developed an earache.  This has happened to me once before when I’ve had a cold and I ended up with three little perforations in my eardrum, which means I now get a little paranoid with earaches.  It got steadily worse over the evening to the point where I ended up at 11:30pm waiting at Manchester Royal Infirmary for an out of hours GP appointment (made after a phone consultation with a nurse).  A wait and a thorough examination later and I walked out of there around 12:30am with a diagnosis of an infection in both ears (worse in the left) and a box of Pencillin.  And all it cost me was the taxi fare to the hospital and back.  And this is why I love the NHS – free at the point of care and there when you need them.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Taken with my Olympus Pen EP-1. Setting: Aperture Priority. Aperture: f2.8; Shutter: 1/60; ISO: 200.  Macro Lens.


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