2014, Day 1: Happy New Year

2014 Day 1

I think it is traditional for 365 projects to become addictive and for the projectee to just carry on… Parts of the project last year were difficult, and at times making sure I had a photo felt a little like a chore.  But it was mostly a brilliant way to get to know my camera better and discover what I liked about the photos I take.  And I hope you’ve all enjoyed the pictures too!  So onwards to round 2 and 2014!  I hope I manage to keep it up with the same zeal as last year…

Taken on my Olympus Pen.  Setting: Aperture Priority.  Aperture: f16; Shutter: 5″; ISO: 200.

Oh and turns out the best way to view fireworks is at eye level, 15 storeys up…


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