2014, Day 10: National Museum of Korea, Yongsan, Seoul

Today I am doing something I’ve not done on this blog before – two images!*  But I figure I’ve done it properly once, so all bets are off for this year!  The two images come from different parts of the museum – this first is two duck pots from the Iron Age (Samhan Period).  They were vessels found in a burial mound.  There were about 6 of them on display and they were by far one of my favourite things in the museum!  The othe picture is a stone Zodiacal figure (Monkey) from the united Silla Period (668-935AD).  I love how he was lit! There is a fabulous replica set of all of the figures at the Folk Museum in Seoul that I saw last time we were here. 

 Taken on my Olympus Pen.  Aperture Priorty.  Aperture: 2.8.  Pancake lens. 

*mostly because I couldn’t choose between them! 


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