2014, Day 18: Icey fingers, Cheonggyecheon, Seoul


It’s still very cold in Seoul.  I’m not sure it’s got much above 0 while we’ve been here.  At least that’s what it’s felt like.  Cheonggyecheon (the Cheonggye Stream), was disappointingly not frozen over – I suppose it’s the constant flow of water along it that helps.  There were some spots of ice along the 2.5km stretch we walked, near stepping stones and posts, where the ice gets a chance to build up, which were fairly spectacular in places.  The stream itself is a lovely walk in the middle of Seoul.  A managed wilderness, it’s reminiscent of the High Line in New York.  Although rather than being appropriated infrastructure, this one is infrastructure removed, as a large overhead highway was demolished to reinstate the stream.  If you go to Seoul, it’s definitely worth a visit.  

Taken on my Olympus Pen.  Setting: Aperture Priority.  Aperture: f8; Shutter: 1/10; ISO: 200.


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