Self Portrait

Hello.  I have been taking photographs, with varying degrees of success, for years. I got my first ‘proper’ camera from my dad at age 18 – a second hand Olympus OM10, 35mm slr. I think he was fed up of me nicking his whenever we were out and about. All throughout uni I snapped and snapped, and whenever I went away anywhere, but latterly other life had been getting in the way.  But my love of photography has never left me, and prior to getting married in 2010 I treated myself.  I had been coveting a new camera for a while.  Most specifically the Olypmus Pen. A beautiful retro, micro four thirds bridge camera (I prefer to think of it as a compact dslr myself).  We were planning on going to Tokyo for our honeymoon and I thought that that trip deserved a good camera.  So I got the camera, which I love to bits, but the trip didn’t happen (due to strikes).  But that hasn’t stopped me getting to know it, using it, loving it.  I’ve always had a fair eye for a good photo, but felt I lacked some of the technical skills, so last year decided to do an OU photography course. Which was good, and frustrating, but most of all got me taking more photos again and falling in love with photography all over again.  The thing now is to maintain the impetus.  To keep taking photos.  And so we come to this blog.  An attempt to take and post at least one photo a day for a whole year.  Quite a challenge!  They won’t all be taken on my trusty Pen.  A new iPad mini for Christmas should help, along with a bit of trusty analogue – a medium format, slightly crappy, Lomo I picked up cheap on eBay recently.  So they also won’t all be good!  But the intention is there and maybe, just maybe, I might get a little better through this process!  Oh and if you stumble upon this blog, please do comment. I’m up for all constructive criticism on the images. Or, you know, praise… ;o)  it’s the only way I’ll get better!

mafl x



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