My Kit

Inspired by a feature on Japanese Camera Hunter’s blog – ‘In Your Bag’ – I thought I would do a kit shot.

This is all the kit I am using for my 365 project:

Kit shot

Here we have:

  • MacBook Pro 17 inch
  • Lexar card reader (and pouch it’s kept in)
  • WD My Passport 500 GB external hard drive which houses my iPhoto library (and pouch it’s kept in)
  • iPad mini (plus case)
  • Olympus Pen Ep-1 with Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm lens attached
  • Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm zoom lens
  • Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f/2.8 pancake lens
  • lightning to SD card cable (for iPad mini)
  • polarising filter for the 14-42mm lens
  • spare battery
  • 8GB SDHC card (I have a spare as well)
  • Lowepro Streamline 100 camera bag (fits camera, lenses, spare battery, spare memory card and very little else)
  • husband’s Fuji Finepix F100 (which I keep borrowing as I don’t have a point and shoot)
  • Yashica ST-7 table top tripod
  • Olympus cable release

I think that’s everything.  Here’s a close up of the main kit:

kit shot close up

I love love love the EP-1.  I know there are newer and better cameras out there but I find it so easy and intuitive to use and a real pleasure to take pictures with.  All these shots were taken with my husband’s main camera, which is a Fuji Finepix HS30 EXR, and it’s a beast of a piece of kit.  Much heavier than my EP-1 (and more complicated if you ask me!).  The 40-150mm zoom is an amazing lens due to just how light it is.  You really wouldn’t believe just how light!*  All I need now is slightly steadier hands…  I’ve not quite worked out the benefit of the pancake lens yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually.  I maybe just need to do a bit more reading on its uses.  The Yashica ST-7 tripod, (which I got because my dad has one that I coveted. Dad’s used to belong to his uncle who was a singer who we think used it as a mic stand), is a great addition for some of the indoors shots I’m doing.  Here is an example of me using it and the cable release (working on day 19’s photo):

Rays pic

I had to hold it steady as it does over balance a little with the camera on the side like that on the carpet, but it’s invaluable for low light, close up, indoors shots.  I don’t often use a tripod outside – I probably should – but when I do I just nick my husband’s.

Here’s another shot of that lovely EP-1 and its lenses:

Kit shot camera and lenses

I have always been an Olympus girl (because my dad got me my first proper camera, an OM10, and he is an Olympus man) – it’s funny how you pick one brand and stick to it (my husband is a Fuji guy).  I feel in a minority though as most people seem to have Nikons or Canons.  But I wouldn’t swap my Pen.  Unless you gave me something super top of the range… But even then, it would be a wrench!  Who wouldn’t want one of these lovely retro, light and compact cameras??


*I just weighed it on the kitchen scales: 202g, (7 1/4 oz). That is LIGHT for a zoom lens!


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